Base Software Features:

  • Windows based (XP Service Pack 2, Vista, Windows 7)
  • Easy patient and ECG management
  • Monitor (real-time) , record and review (offline) mode
  • Single Lead, Einthoven, Goldberger
  • Different filters(i.e. 50/60 Hz, AF)
  • Outside mode (optimal background color)
  • Acoustic heart beat signal
  • ECG “cut out & save” function
  • RR analysis
  • Heart rate graph
  • Configurable heart rate alarm limits
  • Overview mod, easy print function
  • Easy print function
  • Import, export and archiving of ECGs
  • Holter Analysis and Reporting for Small Animal
  • Automatic measurement of complex dimensions
  • Dicom Connector (optional)

Six Vector ECG Screen:


Overview Mode: