Belastungs EKG beim Pferd

An exercise ECG recorder is a valuable tool to reveal dysrhytmias that may occur in performing and exercising horses. Due to the enormous cardiac reserves of a horse many dysrhytmias only show during strenous exercise. Dysrhytmias may lead to poor performance and may increase the risk of collapse or even sudden cardiac death.

The Televet 100 allows recording of an exercise ECG of a trotting or galloping horse at full speed. The exercise ECG may be obtained when the horse is on the lunge, on the highspeed treadmill or when ridden. The ECG can be transmitted wirelessly to a PC where it is recorded and displayed in realtime. In addition the ECG data can also be stored locally on a SD-card in the Televet 100 device. In the later case it may be analyzed offline.