Televet, a versatile and modular system for statitonary and mobile ECG applications

  • The Televet system consist of a ECG monitoring device that wirelessly transmits a high quality ECG trace to your PC and a software component installed on your PC that provides you with state-of-the-art analysis tools.
  • Optional extensions relate to Hardware (adding local area communication and mobility) as well as software (Holter functionality incl. sophisticated analysis features, a Dicom interface to practice management system, Fetomaternal HR and Multi-Peer Streaming).
  • Televet 100 is not only a equine product, it also supports small (dogs, cats) to large animals (elephants, rhinos)
  • Televet 100 can be used as stand-alone patient and ECG management system for real-time and off-line ECG monitoring and analysis
  • Televet 100 seamlessly integrates into your practice infrastructure
  • Various innovative communication and service alternatives provide the flexibility to support a wide range of ECG applications
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