Televet Mobile Kit

The Televet Mobile Kit provides Mobility for you and your patient.

It consists of two options that can be purchased independently:

  • The Mobile ECG Transmitter
  • The Mobile ECG Viewer

The Mobile ECG Transmitter uses a standard cell phone to extend the reach of the Televet 100:

  • With the Mobile Kit a cell phone connects to the Televet 100 and transmitts the ECG data from anywhere
  • Available on any mobile network
  • Used for Exercise Physiology Applications
  • Rider can monitor heartrate and speed on handheld device, veterinary monitors ECG, heartrate, speed and position on her/his laptop
  • Optional ECG display on handheld device for initial check of trace quality

The Mobile ECG Viewer works in conjunction with the Mobile ECG Transmitter, but also with any Televet ICU or Base software. It allows you to view ECG streams on your cell phone. As such it gives you mobility by still providing peace of mind when caring for your patients.

The Mobile ECG Transmitter and the Mobile ECG Viewer are availiable on Android.

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