Televet for Equine Exercise Physiology

In addition to resting and 24 hour surveillance the Televet technology also shows the electrical activity of the heart at full exercise.The versatility of the system makes it indispensable in practices and clinics with focus on internal medicine, cardiology and monitoring.

The new Televet Mobile Gateway Package positions Televet II in the field of equine exercise physiology and sports medicine. A complete system consiting of the Televet II ECG transmitter, a smartphone and server technology for realtime streaming overcomes the range limit of a Bluetooth transmission line. By employing a phone to connect the Televet II to the mobile phone infrastructure (GPRS, EDGE, 3G or others), the real time and heart rate data is supplemented by data from the Global Positiining System (GPS). As a result ECG and Heartrate can be monitored together with speed, altitude, tracking information etc.

The Televet and the Mobile Gateway Package was used in the frame of a research study at the Clagary Stampede 2012.

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