Televet Hub

But the Televet Hub goes further. With the ability to conduct ECG monitoring outside the clinic network via VPN, it offers you the flexibility that is advantageous in modern veterinary medicine.

Furthermore, the Televet Hub acts as a cloud server for the transmission of ECG recordings. It facilitates the transmission of ECG recordings of up to one hour from a tablet or phone to a PC or Mac. Thus, the Televet Hub eases collaboration and information sharing, enabling precise diagnosis.

With the Televet Hub, you have a useful tool at your disposal that makes cardiac monitoring of your patients more efficient and comprehensive. Leverage the advantages of this innovative technology to improve your patient care.

Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

Monitor ECGs anywhere in your building

  • The ICU device is a Bluetoth Hub that feeds the ECG signal into your local network.
  • It is mounted in the proximity to the cages and provides access to the ECG stream to any PC connected to yor local network
  • Up to 4 Televet II units per ICU
  • Simple one-time setup
  • Reliable communication and reconnects
  • PC-based monitoring software connects selectively to any ECG unit
  • Multiple ECGs displayed at one time
  • Monitoring capability creates automated alerts
  • Animals can be monitored at the same time from different locations (multiple peers)
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