Telemetric ECG System
for Veterinary Medicine

Telemetric ECG System for Veterinary Medicine

With traditional ECG systems the veterinary surgeon has been limited to obtaining a resting ECG. With the development of Televet® the veterinary surgeon is able to monitor the animal during its normal daily activities. This allows the detection of cardiac rhythm abnormalities which may only occur during exercise or at rest.

Revolutionise the cardiac monitoring of your small animal patients with the Televet wireless ECG device. Here are three key reasons why Televet is the first choice for veterinarians worldwide:

  1. Maximum freedom of movement for animals: Televet allows unrestricted freedom of movement. Whether in the practice or at home, your patient is free to move, play and rest while you collect valuable cardiology data in real time. This minimises stress for the animal and enables accurate and authentic ECG recordings in its familiar environment.
  2. Optimal safety: There is no risk of animals becoming entangled in cables when using Televet. The wireless system eliminates      any hazards that could arise from the animal frolicking and moving around. With Televet, you are relying on a reliable, safety-oriented system.
  3. Unsurpassed comfort: Televet is small, light and comfortable to carry. It does not interfere with your pet’s daily activities and can therefore be used over longer periods of time to collect detailed and informative ECG data.


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