August, 2023 – Updates

The Televet team is proud to announce a new forum. The forum is mainly intended for the exchange of ideas, for downloading files, and for support. You can find out exactly what the forum is and what other new features it brings by logging in or registering anew. The forum can be accessed from the menu bar and replaces the previous page: “” The access data remains the same.

The website has also received some new features. For example, the website now fully supports the languages German, English, and Spanish. Also, the news page has been fundamentally revised, so you can look forward to further updates from us.

Here are the main new features summarized:

[+] Forum and ticketing system for support
[+] Revised website with trilingualism
[+] additional bug fixes

[] original “” website replaced with the new Forum

[Info] If you have problems logging into the forum, please contact us via the contact form or by email.


the Televet Team



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