Televet Gateway

Discover the potential of real-time cardiac monitoring for ridden horses with Televet Gateway. This advanced tool combines the power of Televet’s ECG system with mobile technology to provide immediate, accurate heart monitoring and valuable insights into equine exercise physiology.

The rider wears a smartphone with the Televet app installed, which connects via Bluetooth to the Televet ECG system attached to the horse. This setup allows for real-time transmission of the horse’s ECG data to the smartphone.

The Televet Gateway is versatile with its recording capabilities. ECG data can be stored on a micro SD-Card in the Televet unit or, for redundancy, recorded simultaneously onto the smartphone.

One of the key advantages of Televet Gateway is its ability to transmit ECG data in real-time to the Televet Gateway Server when the smartphone is within range of mobile network infrastructure. This means you can remotely monitor your equine patient’s ECG via the internet using the Televet software on your PC, Mac, or even your smartphone or tablet.

Adding to its capabilities, Televet Gateway integrates GPS information from the smartphone, providing additional data like speed, inclination, and more. The result? A comprehensive, efficient, and accessible tool for monitoring and understanding the health of your equine patients. Televet Gateway – a modern solution for equine cardiac monitoring.

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